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The Purple Dragonfly

Creating an ethical and effective safety NET built on Nurturing, Empowerment & Trust

More than a Therapy Centre

The Purple Dragonfly is a relaxing healing space to restore and revive you.

All our practitioners are dedicated to enhancing your health & wellbeing by taking a personalised approach to your unique and individual health needs.

More than a Shop

The Purple Dragonfly is a quiet space where you can buy beautiful and ethical products that supports local producers and Australian products and companies.

All our products are sourced with care and they all have their own story.

More than a Training Venue

The Purple Dragonfly is a supportive and caring environment where you can explore many subjects that help to create the life you would wish to live, in peace and harmony with those around you.

          We have some very exciting events
               coming up in the New Year

            We look forward to sharing them
               with you in 2017 

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