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The Purple Dragonfly

Creating an ethical and effective safety NET built on Nurturing, Empowerment & Trust

More than a Therapy Centre

The Purple Dragonfly is a relaxing healing space to restore and revive you.

All our practitioners are dedicated to enhancing your health & wellbeing by taking a personalised approach to your unique and individual health needs.

More than a Shop

The Purple Dragonfly is a quiet space where you can buy beautiful and ethical products that supports local producers and Australian products and companies.

All our products are sourced with care and they all have their own story.

More than a Training Venue

The Purple Dragonfly is a supportive and caring environment where you can explore many subjects that help to create the life you would wish to live, in peace and harmony with those around you.

Introduction to the Tarot – Learn to read the Tarot for friends and family

Over 4 weeks, Kate Ellis will teach you the meaning of both the Major and Minor Arcana, the symbolism of the picture and numbers and how to understand and read the messages in the cards. You will receive comprehensive weekly notes and Kate’s full support. International Reader Kate is both Psychic and Clairvoyant and is an experienced teacher and Tarot Reader.

Dates:  13th/20th/27th May  3rd June

Time: 10.30-2.30            Investment: $295

Improve your Health and Well-being Naturally  6-week Course

Sick of being sick?    Want to be in control of your own health?

In this course, we look at the nature of illness, what creates the foundation of physical conditions, explore the links to the emotions and learn method to manage our own well-being.  Using tried and tested techniques that can be simply introduced to our daily routine, we will work towards reducing anxiety and stress bringing symptoms into check and restoring balance.  We will also look at Holistic First Aid.

Increasingly, these methods have been scientifically proved to reduce anxiety, medication and pain levels while elevating mood and vitality.

Some of the areas we will explore include – Colour   Guided Visualisation     Crystals     Energy Balancing     Gem Elixirs    Flower Essences    Essential Oils

Course includes comprehensive notes   $195     Facilitators:  Jane and David Offer

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